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Tagged by: GoomyChaos 

1. Choose one of your OCs.
2. Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible.
3. Journal title should be "OC Interview".   
4. When you're done, tag as many people as you wish.
5. Cant tag who tagged you.
6. Have fun!!!

let's get this starte-


If I'm gonna do this, Imma do this professionally.

TONIGHT, on The Bewitching Hour with The Duke, we have one very sweet guest from Earth who is a so-called "Digital Genie", so let's all give a warm welcome to Mina!

>insert audience applause here<

Mina: Thank you, thank you, greetings to all and Master sends his warmest regards from back home! ^u^ :heart:

1. Hello, and welcome to the show! But before we begin, can you tell us your full name along with your nickname?

Mina: I am known just as Mina, the former slave of the jade blade, and the Oracle of Courage~ ...But hopefully one day, if Master pops the question, I will be known as Mina Lincoln~ :heart:

2.   Interesting then, this may be a rhetorical question, but, what is your age at this very moment?

Mina: My physical appearance may lead everyone to believe I am of 23 years of age...but in reality, I am several thousand years old. ._.
3.   Uh...huh. A-Anyways, another rhetorical question being what your favorite food is?

Mina: Djinn do not usually partake in foods for we have no need...but I am rather fond of Tiramisu and any sort of fresh berries~ 
4.   And...your favorite drink?

Mina: predictable as it may seem to some, I do enjoy a cup of Moroccan or Turkish Coffee every now and then~
5.   CONFESSION TIME! Please, tell us about your crush or, well, love interest?

Mina: O////.////O;; Gracious, such a strange question! But...I have only had one love interest in my life, who risked his life countless times to assure my safety, as well as set me free from my Compact Disk prison! ...And...and I do have great feelings for him~ :blush: :heart:
6.   Aww, adorable~ Have you two kissed yet?

Mina: ...Well...I think you and I know the answer far, far too well Mr. Duke. :blush: :heart:
7.   Classic question time! What’s your favorite color?

Mina: Green! ^.^

8.   Who, praytell, is your favorite author of any books you have read?

Mina: Hmm...I the same author who wrote the one book my Master read, 1001 nights, but...for the life of me, I cannot remember the author at all!

9.   Now, what’s your biggest fear?

Mina: Allowing Master to fall into any life-threatening peril on my watch! I...I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if he perished...

10. Do you have any siblings?

Mina: I do regard all Djinn as my sisters, with the rare brother every now and then, but I was an only child...and one of the many lowly servants to Sulayman, the man who enslaved my kind... ._.
11. Well, we're almost done, seeing as it is only 20 questions~ So, who is your hero?

My two masters were my only heroes in life, one who was just a poor young man from China, who Sulayman tricked into getting the Djinn Goddess of the Blue Bottle...but it wasn't until my second Master that instead of saving his life, he saved mine...and...he is forever my hero just for that~ :heart:
12. Okay, so who's your worst enemy?

Mina: Ooooooh! Sulayman was such a treacherous monster...! When Master and Prince Demitri confronted him once and for all a couple years ago, he finally got his just reward! a terrible price of cursing my Master to forever be haunted and hunted down by his shadow, until the day he dies... <_>
13. What would you do if your hero and your worst enemy got together?

Mina: :'( Why would you even ask something so horrible?? But...if they did, I...I wouldn't be here at this moment, alive, now would I...?
14. What would you do if you met your...creator? Well, as silly as such a question might sound, but-

Mina: Creator? ...I...I actually don't know where I came from, if I had a mother who ran off or passed away when I was born...but I know that since I sacrificed myself to save my first master from Sulayman, I was given the chance to be reborn by the might of the Golden Goddesses...and now here I am~ But if I were to meet my creator, I would like to thank them for giving me such a wonderous live, no matter how fraught with peril it has been~ ^^
15. Now, what do you want to be when you...grow up?

Mina: o.o ...What do you mean? I am already a Djinn, I can be whatever I choose to be! But...I want to be...a mother when the time comes. If I have a daughter, I want her to be as brave as her mother...and if I have a son, I want him to be as strong as his father~ ^u^ :heart:

>insert awing audience here<
16. You're too sweet~ But anyways, what's your worst nightmare?

Mina: I...I had a horrible nightmare of standing in the middle of a burning city, as half-mechanical Djinn marched forth and slaughtered every human in sight...and I found Master, with his sword through his chest and covered in his own blood...and hearing Sulayman say "It is all your fault, were responsible for your Master's demise." :(
17. What's your life-long dream?

Mina: It was to have been freed...but having compassion from Master, along with my Mistresses, Marin and life-long dream is to keep everyone as happy as can be~ :heart: And...maybe even...usher in a son or daughter...? :blush:
18. And what would you do if your life-long dream came true?

Mina: QuQ To have such fantasies to be achieved? I...I would experience such happiness no other Djinn like myself had ever experienced! :heart:
19. Heheh, settle down, sweetheart~ Okay, where's your favorite place to relax?

Mina: Anywhere Master and my Mistresses would be...but whenever it gets so frigid outside, I always enjoy snuggling into Master, especially if he is wearing one of those "hooded sweaters"~ :heart:
20. You're an adorably mushy girl, aren't you? *ahem* Now for our last question before our time runs out! What do you spend most of your time doing?

Mina: Besides helping Master with whatever he needs? I do enjoy spending time with Mistress Marin and Mistress Drivajj! ^u^ Marin is so amazingly intelligent and polite for a Mermaid, so I always ask if she can teach me a little about the modern world, and in exchange I tend to her hair and simply enjoying our time together~ Drivajj may be a mean Lamia at times, but she is really quite a sweetie, secretly! She does get cranky due to not being able to enjoy a meal consisting of a human being, due to Earth laws forbidding such acts...but I do enjoy how happy she gets whenever I materialize a carpet of various meals she immediately dives into! And afterwards, she becomes such a snuggly sort of girl, wrapping her tail about my waist...and...*ahem* Well, I have plenty of things I enjoy doing when I have the time, Mr. Duke. ^u^ :heart:
21. Alright, that's all the time we have for today, so join us again the next time!

Mina: And Master, if you are reading this, I have already tagged two people to have their own talk show with their own OCs! :heart:

Gamemaster999 and Sasatsuma 

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